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Feb. 25th, 2025 08:25 pm
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Ladies and gentleman, welcome to showtime! 

I`m Dreamy! ★ I`m learning Japanese, so I use this journal to post translations.

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Current Projects
Translating whatever Granblues comics I fancy, collected in a twitter moment

Finished Projects ★

Ensemble Stars
Farewell! A festival of quarrels and memories!
A collaboration with enstars_translates with help from doublerainbow82! Thank you to Koko for providing us with over 700 images, and to all of you for supporting the project every step of the way.

React ★ Magical Halloween with Karen! Not found on this journal; follow the link.

Revival Festival Easter Night - dropped project, completed chapters 9 and 10


Mini Events, Substories, and more!
Keito Hasumi Sidestory - A Soul in a Single Stroke 
Shu`s Mini Events - Correct Answers
Valkyrie Magazine - Dictionary
Revival Festival Easter Night - Shu`s Mini Events
Shu`s Birthday - Mini Events

Band Yarouze!
Crazy for You -王の帰還- - Ray ☆ Asahi ☆ Mint ☆ Misato

How I translate
Due to my current affliction of carpal tunnel, I no longer post images with every line.

I include the raw Japanese in most projects if you wish to correct my interpretation. Beneath that is the translation. 

I try to get as close to the original without being too loose or too literal, to capture the spirit of the writing. I`m not a pro, just someone doing this for fun, so if you see anything off, feel free to drop a comment! I have links to my twitter as well if you prefer talking there.
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Characters: Auguste, Perci (Original Characters)

Pairing: Auguste and Percimont

Fandom: FFXIV

Rating: PG


tenderness is sweet and fades like the summer sun

shall we enjoy it while we can, or lament that it will leave us colder than where we started?

song title inspiration + song looped while writing

make sure to click the arrow!

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Characters: Kaoru, Eli (Original Characters) X`rhun Tia
Pairing: Kaoru and Eli
Fandom: FFXIV
: PG (vague spice)
Summary: Step 1: don`t make your boyfriend jealous

Failed step one

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Characters: Kaoru, Eli (Original Characters)
Pairing: Kaoru and Eli
Fandom: FFXIV
: G

Pre emptive warning, I`m still in ARR so if anything doesn`t line up, don`t think about it too hard.

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Until I fully recover from my condition this post will not have the usual style of images. Thank you for understanding ★

In these mini events, Shu is speaking to Tsumugi.

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Valkyrie Dictionary
Commentary on the terminology that the members of Valkyrie use. Here`s your introduction to Valkyrie Vocabulary 101!

Nnah Oshi-san )


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